Experiences Offered at Swosti Chilika Resort

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Sunset Cruise on Chilika Lake
Experience thrill and fun on this luxury boat for an hour. Witness the beautiful sites of Chilika with plenty of entertainment onboard. Get amazed at the largest lagoon of the Northern Hemisphere and watch the Sun Set. Enjoy fun activities and groove with in-house Music Enjoy the tea-coffee-Pakoda and sandwich. To get a ride collect your coupon from Front Office Rs. 599/- inclusive taxes. The limited seat will be allotted first cum first serve basis. The boat will start from the Floating jetty at 16.30 hrs, will come to our temple jetty and will go back to starting points, covering around 3 KM.

Nature walk at Swosti Chilika

Nature Walk
Revealing the mysteries of the earth and letting you experience the tiniest forms of life, the nature walk guides you through the treasures hidden in nature. In this modern world, nature has not only been a delight to the eyes but a repose to the soul. Attune yourself to the surroundings and soak in the bounty of nature. Embrace the long-forgotten way of life amidst this fast-paced urban life. Swosti has planted more than 1,00,000 trees in the area, where we have created a unique pool of rich biodiversity, out of which 400 plant species are medicinal and aromatic herbs.

Fitness Holidays with Outdoor Sports

Fitness Holidays with Outdoor Sports
Searching for an exciting break to recharge your batteries and discover brand new experiences? Looking for an active alternative to a standard lake holiday? Holidays in the coastal regions are no longer just about relaxation by the lake, it's about active leisure. The natural and cosy ambience of the resort provides well-being and comfort, while the unique panoramic location with direct views of the lake uplifts your mind and soul. With the support and guidance of the resident nutrition, fitness and medical specialists at our resorts, this holiday will give you everything you need to develop healthy habits and continue to improve your fitness in the long term.

Outdoor Movies Delight

Outdoor Movies Delight
Catch a family-friendly outdoor movie night with a stunning backdrop. Refreshments are available for sale during the flick, making for an unforgettable evening. Binge-watch your favourite movies outdoors, snuggled in warmth and comfort.

The Joy of Fishing in the Largest Lagoon

The Joy of Fishing in the Largest Lagoon
A bit of skill and a stroke of luck, and you will be left with a prize catch! Instead of just watching the locals catch fish, roll up your sleeves and get ready. You can actually learn how to make the fishing rods, old-school-style, prepare bait and get fishing!

Oive Ridley turtle

Olive Ridley Turtle Nesting - A Lifetime Experience
Visit Odisha between the months of November and May and behold the spectacle of hordes of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles nesting on our shores. Odisha acts as the centre for the largest nesting site for these endangered species in the world. 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding Photoshoot in the Virgin Island
Eternalise your love and cherish those sweet memories forever with beautiful pre-wedding photos. With a beautiful landscape that compliments the interior and exterior design recognised by numerous awards, Swosti Chilika Resort offers the perfect location for pre-wedding photography. Chilika is a place graced with natural beauty and vitality with many virgin islands in close proximity to the resort.  What better place for clicking the photos to celebrate the start of a beautiful journey! 

Candelight Dinner

Candlelight Dinner at its Best!
The perfect end to your perfect day made forevermore memorable with an enchanting candlelight dinner.  For you lovebirds out there, we create the loveliest ambience. Watch as the golden lights from the candle dance around, and let your eyes meet with your partner's, as it reflects the amber glow. Hold hands and fall in love all over again! With exceptional cuisine, personalised service and the charming backdrop of the pool or terrace to top it off, we offer you this signature dining experience. 

Culinary Classes with our Team

Culinary Classes with our Team
Learn about the art of food from the professionals themselves. Let your food do the talking for you from now! With our chef, discover the special spices and herbs of Odisha and their delicate balance in a standout dish. Learn about the vegetables, fruits and side dishes used and prepared at our resort. Most importantly, the chef will share the secrets of creating a delicious Odishan meal with you. An exciting idea if there ever was one!

Bird watching

Bird watching at its Best

Get your binoculars ready and witness the diversity of birds that flock to the largest lagoon in the Northern Hemisphere. A surplus of 230 bird species flock to Chilika Lake every year. Spot millions of flamingos, sandpipers, ducks, falcons, terns and many of these winged beauties adorn the landscape as you cruise over the lake through the months of November till March. 

Adventurous Boat Ride

Adventurous Boat Ride
Zoom around in the waters of Chilika and go on an adventure ride. From exhilarating rides on a speed boat to a serene boat ride in crystal blue waters,  you will never have a shortage of options. Our resort provides great opportunities for adventurous water sports such as jet-skiing, kayaking etc. and other options like bamboo rafting.

Experience Pilgrimage

Experience Pilgrimage
India is home to countless cultures, religion and people from different walks of life Understand the world of pilgrims and their way of life. See the universe from their perspective and comprehend the value of nothing and everything. Visit the temples of Goddess Kalijai, Narayani, Bhagawati and Ugra Tara near our resort in Chilika for a first hand experience!

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are the time to open up that memory box of pure joy. The time for reminiscence of the small fights, the laughter, the little differences, the intimate moments and most of all the endless love  There's nothing, more extraordinary, than sharing your most memorable moments with your beloved by your side. Whether you've been married for a year or been soulmates for decades, nothing is more special than making your better half feel loved with all your heart and we, at Swosti Chilika Resort, present you with the perfect destination for your celebrations. Indulge in recreation, wellness and especially the cuisines!

Spirituality Wellness - An Art to Reveal the Self

Spirituality & Wellness - An Art to Reveal the Self
Spirituality can become the source of health and inner peace. Guide you to the path of prosperity, and help you become a better version of yourself. Open your minds and delve into the depths of your being to a whole new level of self-discovery! Take a guided journey into your inner self and reinvigorate your body, mind and spirit. 

Herbal Tour

Herbal Tour with Plantation Classes
Conducted by a resident horticulturist, the educational tour of our herbal garden will introduce you to some of the 200 herbal plants growing on our property. There are plenty of things to see, but none quite so uniquely educational as what you will come across during our Herbal Garden Tour. Lasting between 30-45 minutes, this tour provides guests with information about the medicinal value of the herbs, as well as a close-up view of some of the plants that are used for the guests’ treatments. Get to know the plants around you, their uses and their applications in everyday life with the Herbal Tour. Don't miss out!

Learn Pottery - To Uplift the Art

Learn Pottery - To Uplift the Art
Feel the cool earth taking shape under your touch and experience the joy of moulding a vessel from scratch.

Traditional Folk Dance - To Save the Culture

Traditional Folk Dance - To Save the Culture
Watch the story of Odisha unfolding right in front of your eyes! Let the folk dancers mesmerise you with their grace

Campfire Retreat

Campfire Retreat
Huddle around the fire and share stories of old! Make new friends and let it become an experience for a lifetime

Cycling at Swosti Chilika

Cycling with Village Tour
Through village paths and rice fields, this tour is a mesmerizing experience. Away from the busy traffic and the pollution of the city, you discover the real Odishan rural life. Cycling along the lake, you can enjoy the country landscape and witness the daily life go on in the villages you pass through. Going by bicycle means plenty of opportunities to interact with the locals and time to stop and take pictures of the stunning scenery. Ride around the villages near our resort and witness firsthand the culture and warmth of the villagers. A chance to get to know things beyond the tourist attractions!

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Experience the Serenity of the Swimming Pool
Beat the heat and cool off in style. Plunge into the turquoise waters of our grand pool, sip a drink and make it the best holiday ever, with us

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