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The oldest and famous names on the local night circuit, while Disco and bar with a mind-boggling selection of themes and attractions round out your choice of after-sunset indulgence.

Pubbing and clubbing at Bhubaneswar is a must if you want to feel the night-pulse of the city; experience the city only by day and you get just half of the picture.

THE NEW HEARTENING FACELIFT OF PLAZA CLUB is dotted with Club as well as pubs, so the mood here is slightly laid-back and the crowd mixed. Patronized by serious party-goers, but also people just out for a pint after work, couples chatting over a leisurely dinner, and Young stars.

Glittering lights, beautiful people, Music and buzzing bars – these are some of the things that imprint themselves on your mind the first time you visit the PLAZA CLUB and its continue in every visits.

If you need an adrenaline boost , lush, masculine and “Spirit’ual” feeling You must have to visit The club. Stay on after work and meet people like yourself who appreciate these finer things in life rather than running home at the end of the day.

Perfect for a late night chill-out session after a hectic day at the office and a much sought-after venue for events.

Its great reputation is well warranted -PLAZA CLUB is recognized as the most ideal dance club in the city where a great dance floor and top-quality hit music with DJ is available. Plaza Club is divided into several areas and each is stylistically decorated with magnificent ornaments and attractive dark lights. Additionally, wide selection of beverage and some great snacks are listed in the club’s menu.

The club room guests are given a free entry passport to the club upon arrival. Plaza Club membership is available on request.

For more option, special Booking for private party is also available.

All in all PLAZA CLUB is highly recommended for a great night out in the heart of Bhubaneswar!


Individual Membership Fees Rs 20,000/-
Corporate Membership Fees Rs.1, 50,000/- (For 10 Member)
For more Details & Membership enquiry call @+91 9338217327